In this project what was developed was the first cluster of agencies and companies of the WPP group in Colombia. This building brings together 9 agencies of the group and in this case Kantar Worldpanel is part of Kantar, one of the largest global networks of research, consulting and insights. Kantar is the information management division of WPP. The concept was based on their organizational culture, as they wanted their collaborators to feel that they were in a welcoming work space.

The concept is «Human Frame», the spaces are a representation of the warmth that characterizes the people at Kantar Worldpanel. Therefore, through the colors and the graphic image, visitors are invited to reconnect with the human aspects.

As for the architectural distribution, what was sought by standards and brand manuals of the WPP group worldwide, was to have the workstations in open office and as a complement closed meeting spaces and informal meetings in the open area. Thus creating collaborative spaces as areas where warmth became the central theme of the workspace.









372 m2