As a concept, a theme was proposed that would highlight the characteristics of the Colombian coffee-growing landscape and the cultural tradition of the people of Antioquia. The concept was translated and applied to the project through colors, textures and materialities that characterize the spaces as belonging to the Antioquian environment. Wood textures, handcrafted fabrics and accents of color, along with scattered details of vegetation, make these offices an exuberant environment full of life. Architecturally, the space is divided into two operational areas, one for developers, with larger work surfaces, and an operational area. Two boardrooms, a phone booth, a wellness room and an NDA room support the workspaces by providing more private areas. In addition, the offices have a cafeteria as a recreation area that is characterized by a colorful and welcoming space. The center of the project is the reception area, where the circulations that lead from the access to the work area and the cafeteria converge. The cafeteria is characterized by a wood paneling on the wall with geometric motifs inspired by the works of Colombian artist Omar Rayo, which is a strong icon of the project’s concept.









500 m2