The design of the project was approached using the cinematic expression of architecture as a guideline. The complement between cinema and architecture turns the visitor of the offices into the spectator of a cinematographic experience, getting to see not only Globant’s film (the result of his work) but also how it is filmed (the processes and methodologies). On the set (the offices) appear abstracts of recognized scenes from great films in the history of cinema that were analyzed and reinterpreted to fit into the space as icons of inspiration for the globers and where architecture takes on special importance as a catalyst for feelings and experiences.

Thus, representing iconic science fiction movies in the boardrooms is intended to relate globers with the workspace in a different way, removing the monotony of everyday life thanks to spaces that excite.

The architectural distribution of the space is designed to generate an unconventional route, in which boardrooms, collaborative areas and rest areas appear as meeting points and reference points.









3328 m2