The main concept of the «Tech Lab» project is inspired by technology and virtual worlds that can be recreated in the real world generating a synergy between the two, where the user (Glober) can interact and be part of the proposed spatial dynamics. In this way, the project’s route aims to make the user travel through different aesthetics through the color palette used, the curved, hexagonal, or cubic shapes, achieving a variety of unique scenarios that invite contemplation, collaborative work, recreation and what is most important for the client: fun in the workplace.


The main purpose of the project and biggest challenge was to re-interpret a technological laboratory in the real world incorporating innovative design methodologies, for example, the installation of 8 hydroponic pillars hanging with real plants that survive through the use of reflectors that simulate solar lighting as well as the circular irrigation system; These were some of the ideas that enriched the experience of going through this great project.









6000 m2